What’s the meaning of fear?

A first step towards fearlessness

Jose Antonio Morales
1 min readAug 19, 2020


Fear is what happens when we get the chance to change course.
It is an inner warning system that we often misunderstand, suppress, and try to ignore. In my opinion, fear doesn’t intend to scare us.

Many of us are scared of fear, it’s something like being afraid of a car alarm system. What we dislike is the uncertainty that comes from the car alarm going off.

When we fear, our mind creates a scary story, or a distraction, both designed to avoid the distress we know comes with a change of direction.

We feel comfortable with what’s known and familiar.

Of course, the fear I’m talking about is psychological fear, a mental imitation of the fear that happens when something triggers our survival instincts.

We are not afraid because of fear; we get scared of the thoughts our mind creates when fear tells us that we are ready to make a decision.

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