What happens when you stop thinking?

Jose Antonio Morales
2 min readApr 20, 2020
Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash

I’ve been on and off practicing meditation for many years, always trying to find the way to see my thoughts slowly fade, while trying to avoid falling asleep in the attempt. #yearsoffailure

Recently, when my thoughts start calming down, and before I succumb to the force of sleep, I detected feeling an emotion coming from my chest, unfortunately, that surprise triggers my thoughts again, and I lose the feeling. That restarts my inner battle, and almost inexorably, I end in Morpheus’s realm once again.

Many experts recommend to “stop trying to calm the thoughts,” and I finally start understanding what they mean.

The decision to stop the daily routine, dedicate time for slowing the momentum of our thoughts, despite any objectives, is enough.

I don’t have to try to meditate; I don’t have to achieve any meditative state of mind. I have to break the routine deliberately to observe what happens when the thoughts fade away.

I know now, meditation is about remembering how it feels to be alive.

Now I understand that the process of thinking takes too much of my attention, leaving no space for the feelings and sensations that emerge just because I am here. It is not about thinking or interpreting the feelings that arise to my attention when the thoughts deaccelerate.

Look like meditation is an agenda-less activity.



Jose Antonio Morales

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