What does letting go really mean?

I remember when that idea made no sense, but now…

Jose Antonio Morales
2 min readJun 3, 2024
Everything points at you
Everything points at…
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Is it possible that your answer to the question, who are you, Is incomplete? Is it possible that your description of yourself will always be imprecise, regardless of your abilities?

My description of the moon will be different from the one made up by an astronaut who walked on the moon. Descriptions are just representations in text form of what we observe and experience. They include the limitations of our perception and, in some cases, our cultural biases. Both descriptions can be valuable, but they are different.

That is why I think it is wise to add some healthy skepticism to any idea, belief, concept, or description. We can detach from rigid ideas of who we think we are and constantly expand, enrich, and evolve. Letting go begins when we realize that our minds can only produce incomplete representations and symbols, and that is excellent news because it allows us to recognize that over-fixating ideas or belief systems can be limiting.

Letting go of the validity of our thoughts, beliefs, and ideas can enable us to engage in passionate but respectful discussions, especially if all participants share the same openness. This practice can benefit everyone involved. Presenting perspectives without offending or being offended is a forgotten skill.

Most importantly, letting go helps us reduce our dependency on others’ expectations. Why? Because those expectations and our understanding of them are as incomplete and imprecise as every description our mind can produce. The more we let go, the more authentic we become. That process brings, at some point in time, a sense of confidence. Letting go enables growth and personal development with less resistance. Less resistance helps us be creative, innovative, and resilient and opens up the possibility of mastery.

Have you ever felt limited by a rigid belief or expectation? Remember that you are not your thoughts; no matter how rational or logical you are, your thoughts are just part of the equation.

The best version of you is in you, under all those layers of self-doubt, fears, insecurities, and ideas of who you should become to achieve success. Clear the fog to see yourself more clearly; this clarity and mental flexibility can help you find greater joy and purpose.



Jose Antonio Morales

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