There are two layers in yourself, you need to know about.

The multilayered self.

Jose Antonio Morales
1 min readApr 7, 2023

If you are a seeker, if you are one of the persons looking to answer the big questions and trying to define who you are, you can look from this perspective:

Imagine yourself as having two layers; note that they are not sequential or one more important than the other.

The first one is the part of you that wants. It is basically trying to move from here to there, achieve, obtain, and control. Most of us believe this layer is who we are.

The second one is that part of you that perceives it all. It doesn’t speak, judge, or want to change anything. It only perceives. Do you remember observing something carefully and admiring its beauty as a child? Or today, when you see a magnificent sunset? No thoughts, just awe.

A friend told me that a third layer could be included: Purpose. And I think he is right.

If you focus your attention on only one of the layers, you ignore the other part of you. But when you realize you are both, you can start integrating them.

The challenge is: do not forget to learn about the second and third layers.



Jose Antonio Morales

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