Success is…

Focus Jose! That’s what I’ve heard since I was a young boy. If you know me, you know that I’m involved in so many different projects. Still, now that I’m dangerously close to my fifties, I figure that being like that brings some advantages, especially If I manage to get over the social conditioning that lives in my head.

I needed to prove, especially to my parents, that being as I am was okay and that I could develop into a good and successful person. That call made me an entrepreneur. I found that being my own boss gives me the freedom I need to be me, but succeeding in business is a tricky thing.

When I see my life in retrospect, I feel proud and successful. That includes the moments of suffering, the experiences of failure, and the still unresolved challenges.

I am a different kind of success than the one others expected of me. My kind of success makes me a great connector of ideas and possibilities and makes me enjoy the company of so many people. My path showed me that money is a great metric, but it is not the most important. It is just the easiest one to use.

What about you? How are you dealing with the expectations that others have on you? Have you recognized the unique kind of success you are today?

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Jose Antonio Morales

I help individuals and organizations to deconstruct the fear patterns that harm their development.