AI is not only what people is talking about

This is what I think the future can look like.

Jose Antonio Morales
3 min readApr 8, 2023
Prompt: Global AI Headquarters

Is it possible to create a global consortium representing all the nations of Earth, universities, research centers, industries, and civil society, to centralize and coordinate universal policies, provide uniform access, support the development of AI technology, and even warranty equal access to all Humanity? Can we have a core AI that third parties can’t modify?

I start thinking of access to AI as a new human right. Just think about this:

  • Universal elementary education.
  • Universal access to human knowledge.
  • Universal licensing and authorship rights.
  • Universal access to health information.
  • Universal access to critical citizen dashboards: climate, economy, migration, conflict, food production, productivity, etc.
Information dashboards for citizens.

Business as usual means countries competing to grab strategic advantages of AI technology, powerful businesses, and individuals doing the same. That paranoia can only increase conflict and accelerate our path toward self-destruction.

The experts will try to keep their status by defending the current systems and proposing gradual change implementation, similar to what is happening with the Climate crisis, a kindergarten attitude: see who does it first and then follow. They keep trying to answer one question: How do we keep the money coming while we keep our benefits?

Prompt: people enjoying wealth.

AI fundamentally threatens the economy of privilege. It has the potential to level the field everywhere and for each one of us. How?

Here are some examples of what I could imagine:

  • Less speculation in the markets. Imagine all stock or crypto traders supported by AI.
  • Every content creator can license their content to train AI and get income from it. Imagine every digital asset on the internet automatically watermarked with licensing metadata. Think Creative Commons on steroids and mixed with NFTs and the Blockchain.
  • Less corruption and circles of power everywhere. The authorities will not have to do the tedious work of “following the money.” Finding evidence of corruption will be much more efficient.

Many of you will think all that is impossible; human nature will not change. But that way of thinking keeps Humanity stuck with a pressure cooker that will blow anytime.

We are pealing off the old civilization and getting ready to fashion a new one that we don’t know what it looks like. We feel fear; our insecurities are triggered. Is it time to unite, or are we waiting for a comet hitting the planet?



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