A Cosmology of you and me.

There is a shiny marble in the red velvet curtain. It looks like a static, intricate, beautiful drop.

Is there something in it?

Yes, it is a fantastic universe impossible to conceive, impossible to describe.

Each inquiry from my curiosity and imagination makes it unfold into infinite storylines with exquisite details. It is alive!

From here, I know it. In it, I experience every possibility.

Eternity, unity. Time, space.

Love and Purpose.

Original photo by Fabian Schonsiegel.

To help you walk your own path, with less struggle and more joy

Dear Fearbusters (*)!
— (*) Coined by my friend Borut Zrim,

Some days ago, I got inspired by an intriguing question: To succeed, what pain will you say yes to? At first, it sounded so counterintuitive, but then, it makes lots of sense.

Every decision we make intends to create…

If you lower the “volume” of your fear, congrats, you won!

Steve says that awareness is the key to having a satisfying life, but awareness of what?

As part of Deconstructing Fear Interviews, I had the opportunity to interview Steve. During our conversation, a particular word caught my attention: labels. When Steve talks about labels, he refers to the meaning we…

A first step towards fearlessness

Fear is what happens when we get the chance to change course.
It is an inner warning system that we often misunderstand, suppress, and try to ignore. In my opinion, fear doesn’t intend to scare us.

Many of us are scared of fear, it’s something like being afraid of…

Specially if you feel stuck, uncertain about what to do next, or in the process of burning out.

Most independent professionals I know are doing their best to succeed as freelancers and entrepreneurs. And most of them are struggling, persisting, and feeling burned out. What are we doing wrong? Let me share with you two questions I believe are essential to break the cycle.

To make the story…

Jose Antonio Morales

I help individuals and organizations to deconstruct the fear patterns that harm their development. http://jose.morales.si

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