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Dear Fearbusters (*)!
— (*) Coined by my friend Borut Zrim,

Some days ago, I got inspired by an intriguing question: To succeed, what pain will you say yes to? At first, it sounded so counterintuitive, but then, it makes lots of sense.

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Every decision we make intends to create the conditions for us to feel good, achieve something, or progress in some direction. We focus very much on the objective but quickly forget about the cost and consequences of that decision: “My decision of working as an independent entrepreneur increases my chances of being financially insecure while achieving a sense of freedom.” …

If you lower the “volume” of your fear, congrats, you won!

Steve says that awareness is the key to having a satisfying life, but awareness of what?

As part of Deconstructing Fear Interviews, I had the opportunity to interview Steve. During our conversation, a particular word caught my attention: labels. When Steve talks about labels, he refers to the meaning we attach to words, situations, and emotions. Steve suggests that we must be aware of our capacity to add meaning and add a sense of gravity to our thoughts and feelings. Once we realize that, it becomes possible to change those labels’ emotional charge in our favor.

Stephen Aish, director of the Strength Academy, athlete champion, and experienced mindset coach worked to overcome his fears and found that we do not overcome fears; we become aware of them and then decide to transform them. …

To avoid stagnation, to increase creativity. Individually and collectively

Dear friends, cousins, siblings

There is something I need to tell you. I have found it to be a simple but life-changing truth. I don’t know whether you will feel the same, but I hope you will read on with an open heart.

Here’s what I am moved to tell you:

Fear is the reason we are unable to solve our problems.

We all feel it; we all see it. Many of us resist it. Or try to ignore it. And this stops us from moving forward. How to convince an entire civilization to remove the “tinted glasses” they don’t know they are wearing?

I’m getting to version 3.0, what about you?

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The Art of Versioning Yourself is basically the deliberate effort to describe your story highlighting your life’s most significant turning points. Versioning your story can help you visualize what really matters to you, what you like doing the most, and it can help you identify unuseful patterns.

Reviewing my versioning log

I decided to switch to version 2.0 after taking one of the most relevant decisions I ever made. I quit a well-paid job in a New York business consulting firm to return to rural Slovenia and start a totally new career path.

For context, in NYC I was hired as a chief innovation officer, and I was in charge of developing a new tech product. I have been into tech since I remember. Version one was pretty much the process of becoming an entrepreneur in the field of IT. …

A first step towards fearlessness

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Fear is what happens when we get the chance to change course.
It is an inner warning system that we often misunderstand, suppress, and try to ignore. In my opinion, fear doesn’t intend to scare us.

Many of us are scared of fear, it’s something like being afraid of a car alarm system. What we dislike is the uncertainty that comes from the car alarm going off.

When we fear, our mind creates a scary story, or a distraction, both designed to avoid the distress we know comes with a change of direction.

We feel comfortable with what’s known and familiar. …

Specially if you feel stuck, uncertain about what to do next, or in the process of burning out.

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Most independent professionals I know are doing their best to succeed as freelancers and entrepreneurs. And most of them are struggling, persisting, and feeling burned out. What are we doing wrong? Let me share with you two questions I believe are essential to break the cycle.

To make the story short, I believe some of us are trapped in a “trying cycle.”

What’s wrong with trying? In terms of business, that while we try, we don’t focus on making what it takes to get enough money. …

Have you heard that 7% of the communication process is verbal, and the rest is body language and tone of voice? Just imagine if that 7% is not used correctly, the communication process could end up as a mess.

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There is a person that didn’t get the meaning of the yellow lines there…

In this article, I’d like to focus on that 7%. Especially because we use language to construct our thoughts, I assume that improving the way I use language to think and to communicate with others will definitively increase my chances for achievement.

If I improve the way I use language and the others don’t, I might be making it harder for everyone else to understand me. …

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You can listen the audio version while reading :)

I want to share with you a line of thought and ten steps to understand and transform your fears and reveal your potential:

  1. We are not focusing on fears that are part of our survival instincts; let’s consider those instinctual fears (IF).
  2. We are focusing on mental fears that prevent us from taking risks, engaging in change, and are capable of supporting the idea that our personality is who we are. We’ll call them psychological fears (PF).
  3. PFs are conscious and subconscious, which means that you are not aware of some of them. Some PFs camouflage as personality traits: “I’m not somebody who goes dancing with friends.” …

Many persons are interested in the topic of the Law of Attraction (LOA). Although I like all themes related to spirituality, philosophy, cosmology, I’m not too fond of superficial concepts that are easy to buy and misunderstand. The famous LOA is a perfect example of a deep subject treated in most cases, superficially.

Discarding all the BS around the LOA topic, I found some useful pieces of wisdom. I want to share them with you in this article, but first, I need to tell you how I get out of cycles of inaction, I hope it all makes sense at the end. …

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The topic of finding your Purpose in the era of Youtube is hugely confusing. Many authors show a lack of depth, and some others use unclear definitions.

After battling for many years, I decided to design my own methodology and definitions. That’s what I’d like to share briefly with you today.

I expect this article to answer three questions:

  • What is Purpose?
  • Why is it important to know what my Purpose is?
  • How do I find my Purpose?

Purpose is an idea that describes a state of being, which creates the conditions for feeling satisfied, empowered, creative, and safe. At its core, this idea can be considered constant throughout life, although the way we describe it with words should evolve and adapt. …


Jose Antonio Morales

I help individuals and organizations to deconstruct the fear patterns that harm their development.

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